Saturday, May 7, 2016

I love it ~ The Big Short

The big short is a very interesting story... the main point in the book I think is ~

Break the rule; don’t take any FUCKING authorities seriously. 

Very interesting plot:
  1. Bank lent money to credit worthless homeowners with teasing mortgage rate.
  2. Wall street banks applied a formula that had been dreamed up to cope with corporate credit risk to consumer credit risk.
  3. Wall Street banker pack those “BBB” rating loans into “asset back securities”
  4. Separate the loans into different trenches.
  5. Hedge fund bet (out right bet; not hedge against their implicit bet) that the BBB Trenches loan with teasing rate like ticking boom. AIG took the bet.
  6. AIG sensed the risk, stopped offering insurance against the bet. Subprime fund followed the heels.
  7. Synthetic CDO staged as the swelling the demand from the fund growing. Fund manager actually thanked the hedge fund to bet against to make the virtual loans increase … Increase the subprime fund size.
  8. Wall Street further pooled the synthetic BBB tranches into synthetic AAA loans y using Markowitz efficiency frontier theory with low correction within. ( a hole in the brain of XXX?)  Expanding the demand of subprime fund to pension and general public.
  9. Ticking bomb times up.
  10. What's most interesting in the book describing ~ GS was merely the 1st to dash through the exit and then closed the door behind him.
  11. Winners: hedge funds, DB and GS who run out of the fire and closed the door behind him.
  12. Losers. Dumbs blinding faith in rating agencies and Wall Street Banks, such as subprime mortgage funds, Taiwan, Japan, German funds, and Wall Street firms as well. 
Thank Michael Lewis's great writing, lot of plot in the book missing in the Movie. I will strongly suggest ppl read the book before watching the movie.

BTW, enjoy the melting cookie dough!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

簡單在家自己作 100% 成功馬卡龍

又到了小子的同學會囉! 招牌馬卡龍是必備的下午荼:

  1. 蛋白 2 顆 40g+40g
  2. 杏仁粉 80g
  3. 糖粉 80g
  4. 水 25g
  5. 細砂糖 90g
  6. 巧克力磚 10g
  1. 先備好 80g 的杏仁粉和 80g 的糖粉,拌入一顆約 40g 的蛋白,輕切拌成膏塊狀,靜置。
  2. 備好 90g 的細砂和 25 g 的水,煮糖水至 120度; 待滾熱的泡狀略消,降至 110 度時,沖入微打發的 40g 蛋白,持續打發成堅挺的義式蛋白霜。
  3. 將 1/3 的義式蛋白和杏仁糖粉膏塊拌開,再拌入 2/3 的義式蛋白霜 (i.e. 戚風和拌法)。以切拌的方式為之。
  4. 再拌入10 g 的隔水加熱融化的巧克力塊。
  5. 將麵糊和鋼盆壓拌成光亮的馬卡龍麵糊。

裝入擠花袋中,擠上烤焙紙,靜置在除溼的房間中,至表層結皮 (失去光澤的蛋白糊狀)
預熱 160 度。烤盤底部放矽膠隔底火。
  1. 150 度加熱 5分鐘,馬卡龍裙邊出現,開烤箱排溼氣,同時降爐溫至 130 度
  2. 130 度再續烤焙 8 分鐘。
  3. 闗爐火再悶 8 分鐘。


餡料就簡單多了,發酵奶油 60g+杏仁膏 60g + 奶油乳酪45g  用 Cuisinart 打成乳霜狀,再拌入碎片巧克力,就完成囉。


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